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Sell Car Paper

Sell Car Paper – Are you intrested in selling Car Paper or Bulk Auto Paper? If so Financial Solutions would like to talk to you about buying your car paper. If you have car paper or auto paper  you would like to sell and you want to get the top pricing then call us Today 615-414-6708.

Car Paper
We Turn Car Paper Into Cash

If you would like to sell car paper. We have helped hundreds of dealers improve their cash flow. Fall is always a good time to Sell Car Paper and taking the money you get and reinvesting it into more inventory to help prepare for the upcoming tax season. Tax season is peak selling time for BHPH dealers and used car prices go sky high. A lot of BHPH dealers sell some of their seasoned car paper to generate cash to buy inventory while used car prices are lower than they will be in the upcoming tax season months.

Sell Car Paper

Our program is simple:

We look for contracts that have two to three months of payments made and the customers should be current. Why not give us a call and see how we can help you Sell Car Paper and turn it into Cash!

Financial Solutions has been helping dealers improve their cash flow since 2002. We can work with weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly and even zero percent intrest contracts.