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Why Should I Sell My Auto Notes? Turn Your Auto Notes Into Cash!!

Why Should I Sell My Auto Notes?

Auto Notes

Usually a note is acquired in lieu of the cash actually desired during a BHPH sale. If retained long enough, many notes will eventually pay off. However, by selling all or part of your auto notes you will never again have to worry about:

· Collecting the payments

· Default and Foreclosure

· Destruction/devaluation of the automobile

· Federal Income Tax reporting requirements

· Bankruptcy of the payer

· Divorce or death of the payer

· Abandonment of the property

· Deficiency judgments

· IRS tax liens/other liens against the payer

· Assumption of your note by another payer

What Are Some Common Reasons People Sell Their Notes?

. To buy more inventory

· To pay off debts  with a higher interest rate

· To pay  unexpected debts such as hospital bills

· To pay for  tuition, vacations, or new cars

· To settle  estates or divorces

· To relieve  bookkeeping and collection burdens

· To invest in  a business, stocks, real estate or other more profitable venture

· Tired of  collecting small monthly payments and want to enjoy the cash now

· Did not want  to carry the note in the first place

What Is My Note Worth?

The value of a note is established by a number of factors, including: Collateral, Interest Rates, Remaining Term, Payment History and much more.

How Long Will It Take To Receive Funds?

Generally, after we have received the necessary documents and information, it usually takes only 5 to 10 working days to process and record the documentation and complete the sale.

Will Selling My Auto Note Have An Effect On The Person Paying Me?

No. All terms and conditions set forth in the original note and mortgage remain in force. The only change will be to whom and where future payments are sent.


Sell Auto Notes

sell auto notes

sell auto notes

sell auto notes