Calif. BHPH Bills Clear Hurdles

Posted by carguy - June 2, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The three legislative proposals aimed at setting new restrictions for California’s buy-here, pay-here dealers passed out of their respected houses of origin this week, with the Assembly passing two of the bills on Tuesday and the Senate passing the third bill two days later.

Assembly bills 1447 and 1534 were referred to the Senate Rules Committee after passing the Assembly by a majority vote. The third bill, SB 956, was approved by the Senate by a 23-12 vote on Thursday and was heard by the Assembly the same day.

“The rules committee looks at each measure and determines where they’ll need to be heard and we refer them to the appropriate policy committees,” said Jane Brown, committee assistant to the Senate Rules Committee.

All three bills, which faced a June 1 deadline to make it out of the respective houses of origin, must pass the policy committee level by July 6 and both houses by Aug. 31. Governor Jerry Brown will then have until Sept. 30 to pass or veto the bills.


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