2012 Was Year of the Small Car

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Small vehi­cles res­onated with new-vehicle buy­ers in 2012, partly due to higher prices at the pump dur­ing the year, accord­ing to J.D. Power and LMC Auto­mo­tive.

Check out the best-sellers accord­ing to col­lected data.

Com­pacts accounted for some 5.97 mil­lion unit sales, or 41.3% of the mar­ket in 2012, up from 5.08 mil­lion unit sales in 2011 or 39.9% of the U.S. auto mar­ket. This rep­re­sents a 1.43-percentage point share gain in 2012, accord­ing to data col­lected by J.D. Power and Asso­ciatesPower Infor­ma­tion Net­work® (PIN) and strate­gic part­ner LMC Auto­mo­tive.

Among the com­pact segments,Compact Sport and Sub-Compacts were the best per­form­ers in 2012, achiev­ing a 39.3% and  33.1% increase over 2011, rep­sec­tively. More than 571,400 sub-compacts were sold and mar­ket share rose by one-half point to slightly less than 4% (3.95%). Two new mod­els joined the cat­e­gory for 2012—Chevro­let Spark an, Toy­ota Prius C . The best seller in the seg­ment was the Nis­san Versa, fol­lowed by the Chevro­let Sonic and the Hyundai Accent. In addi­tion, Fiat 500 sales more than dou­bled, and even the tiny Smart car sold nearly twice as many units in 2012 as in 2011.


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